Lean’s Designs

Author (Lean) Leanne Marshall, better known as L.T.Marshall, is an aspiring romance writer from the UK who is fast scaling the charts as an Author. She has a passion for telling stories filled with dramatic twists and turns, deep emotional issues, and gripping characters.
An advocate against all forms of abuse.
Leanne is also an avid crafter, blogger, reader, and DIY’er and can be found on Youtube among all her social media profiles. She creates knitting patterns in her downtime and lists them online.
Based in central Scotland, she began writing in her early teens but only pursued publishing late in 2016. She is also an artist, designer and ex- singer, ex online store owner who regularly contributes to the artistic community.

For Lean’s Knitted toy designs then any of the first 4 links.

For handmade resin crafts and Witch related home decor, then please use Etsy.

Amazon is for the hard-copied printed Knitting books